Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few updates:

My Sony A580 is still being serviced so I've been using a fee Canon Rebel cameras I borrowed from friends. I really miss the tilting LCD :( Hoping to get it back today or early next week.

And.... I can finally order the Sony A99 and I am going to do just that sometimes in the next few days. I just need to tie up the financing and go to the camera store on Alenbi st. They say it gets here within two weeks. Naturally, I'm a little skeptical, but also happy that I can finally get it and write some more interesting things in  this blog.

Also, started working on my first feature, "Spiral". Some of the shots in the movie will be done using the A99, but I'm seriously considering shooting most of the movie using a phone camera, maybe the Nokia Lumia 920, if I can get it. I will explain why probably in some future post :)

Update -
Just ordered my brand new Sony Alpha A99. Should probably get some other stuff with it, but it is kind of a hefty expenditure, so I guess I can just tell you what my wish list contains:

New Sony unit that fits the A99 ISO mount
20mm 1.8 FF lens
Video accessory
Separate sound recorder, just in case.
Some sort of brace mount for video work, but which one?

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