Friday, January 25, 2013

Elections are over and more about focusing

Finally, the Israeli Elections are over. The party that I was covering, Meretz, doubled it's power which I hope will double my salary on the next elections.
Most photos that I took were okay, some prettier than average, but I did get the chance to sneak in some artistic ones.
Zehava Galon, Party Leader (Zehava means Golden in Hebrew)
I also got some better than expected results when shooting a behind the scenes green screen shoot.

The latitude and the superb color of the A99 are showing here in the way the green looks really good and both the LCD display and the stage are presented nicely in the same shot even though the lighting situation on them on them is totally different.

As for the focusing issues, I am still mostly using manual focus, sometimes pressing the focus button to auto focus. I've also programmed the front button to choose between focus modes, just in case I do want a continuous focus mode which is way better than switching through the menu system which is a seriously silly design. Nobody wants to fumble through myriad menu option on a critical feature such as focus.
The Sony menu system should be re-worked. There are things that photographers do more often such as formatting a card should be in a quick menu or easier to find on a page titled something like "operation".

Waiting for the A99 firmware update, but not holding my breath for anything other than better lens support.

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