Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Political Photographer

I've been contracted by the Meretz Party to cover their pre-election activities. So I will be posting a lot of green photos in the near future.
The first event I covered for them was the new year's party. I took my bicycle to this event, unpacked my gear only to find out that I forgot the Minolta-to-ISO flash adapter. This was my first job for them and already without showing a single photo I was looking really unprofessional. The reason I took it of was that I was using the LCD in reverse mode to shoot some video for another project in the studio. I needed 40 cm more to get the right frame so I placed the camera next to the wall and flipped the LCD. Unfortunately you have to take the adapter off for this to work, and of course I forgot to put it back on.
Luckily, my artsy photographer friend Merav was there and we figured out a plan to use the cellphone flashlight as key light. This worked well with 1600 to 3200 ISO.

Shani looking good with my Samsung Galaxy S3 lighting her from below
and room florescent doing the rest of the work. 

At a certain point, the Meretz art director came in and asked me to take funkier photos like he has seen some other photographer do where the object is in focus and the rest is blurred across the shot. This actually worked well with me not having wireless or any control over the flash. I had Merav hold the flash, opened the shutter for a second or two during which I shouted "Now!" for Merav to activate the flash manually. Low ISO and medium Iris was used so that the camera registered mostly the image lighted by the flash. Once the flash went off I swiped the camera towards building lights in the background and other lights to create the requested effect.

In camera trick photography effects at work

Note to self - should probably get a backup adapter and put in my bag, just in case.

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