Thursday, April 24, 2014

New and Improved

So, got my Zeiss 50 1.4 lens and it's awesome! And a little heavy :| but I guess that that's the price you pay for quality.
Sony hasn't as yet announced the A99 replacement, but I am trying to save some money on the side for it when it does come.  I seriously need a camera with better video, especially in low-light situations. I applied for a residency, to go on a trip from Riga to Helsinki and do more of my Heroines of Light/FEMP shoots in both stills and video. I will be looking for a female Parkour artist for that one, should I be accepted... Cross my fingers and know in a month.
Sony sort of now dominates the sensor market, and I guess that if I had unlimited budget I would get the amazing A7s, just for video but that would really set me back. Sony, if you hear this, please send me a free unit with a good lens so I could show the world how good Sony cameras can be. I also accept beta pre-production models of the A99 replacement, to be announce sometimes this year.

 first Zeiss test shots

Oh, and I also got my IceLight portable lightsabre as you can see here in our fun Purim shoot...

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