Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wireless Flash solution

So, after much pain in using Sony's own flashes and various flash triggers and a lot of failure, I finally managed to ditch my Sony HVL-F58AM (One is now broken) and Pixel Soldier wireless flash triggers (keep on breaking) for something better.
As I don't use TTL, and manually set my flashes for projects such as Heroines of Light  and FEMP, I finally decided to ditch the ISO to Minolta connector (sometimes it gets disconnected and it can get lost) for a system that is made for Canon by Yongnuo. I tested it in some wedding, thanks to Tomer Foltyn and it worked fine.
I got on E-bay the RF-603C trigger and two YN560 IIIs. The advantages of this setup: no more Minolta connectors, no more radio receivers with AA batteries because radio capability is built into the flashes. I broke my Sony flash when it fell of the radio receiver. The YN 560 IIIs are relatively cheap so you can get a bunch of those and not have to take a bank loan if one breaks.
Tomer also tells me that they don't heat as much nor drain the batteries like the Sony flashes. You can also mount one on the flash trigger if you want and point it at the ceiling and the other at the side so you would have solid ambient light and good directional light.
I am anxious to test it on my Tuesday shoots BUT my A99 is actually being serviced right now (stabilizer is broken) so I hope it get fixed by tomorrow. If not, I will use a friends' Canon 5D MkII, a solid camera though the colors are not as good as the A99.
I will post photos of the results of using the new flash system soon.

BTW: Sony, where is the A99's replacement? I hope that the delay will just mean a better camera, well tested and with more features. For that I WILL go to the bank to get a loan.

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