Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anti War Demonstration

So, as I mentioned, country is at war, so I decided to take my camera and shoot some anti-war demonstrations, one in Jaffa and one in Central Tel-Aviv. The one in Jaffa was kind of small and ended when we heard sirens and a missile landing, probably at sea.
Took photos, still in JPEG mode. RAW testing still ahead. I used my wireless flash for the shots, helped by my AP, Alon Sherf . You can see or feel him just at the edge of some of the shots. As I explained in previous posts I put my camera in M mode for the shots, fast shutter, 800 ISO, Iris at 2.8 and use the flash in a low brightness setting. Lighting was really awful in almost all of the shots, almost brown in color, so the flash was quite necessary.
I started out with my 50mm 1.4 lens but as the people got into tight lines facing the road I was forced to switch to 20 2.8 and stayed with it until the end of the shoot.
Discovered a few things. The default settings of the camera do not allow for manual focusing with my lenses and the MF/AF front sliding button is gone. The back AF/MF button does NOT switch from auto focus to manual focus, unless you press FN and switch it to MF or DMF modes. Kind of weird, but I will adapt.
I was also looking furiously for the delete photo button just to discover that the trash can is painted blue and not visible at night (though you can still see the AF Range on the button, in bright white.
Really like how I can use the LCD and the A99 detects my eye going for the OVF and automatically switches. Thank you Sony, for making this that easy for me. Also, camera responsiveness and clarity of photos much better than my now ancient A580, most probably due to it being a full frame camera, and partially due to the improved new image processor.
My wireless system is really clunky so if anyone can recommend a radio wireless system that works well with Sony's cameras, I am willing to shell a few more Shekels for this.

My AP Alon at work, visibly holding the flash in the middle of the shot
Almost forgot, it seems that Lightroom 4 doesn't have a profile for the Sony 20mm 2.8 lens :( it is a pity since there is some noticeable edge issues. Any workarounds other than set it to auto?

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