Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday, war still raging

As I mentioned in my last post my country is at war, so from time to time rockets fall from the sky, especially in south of Israel, while Gaza is being heavily bombarded.
I started this day thinking that I would take some nice shots in the morning, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. They were not very good, something was off and it wasn't the fault of my new A99 camera.
I did release one photo in the morning but I actually took this one with my cellphone while throwing away my biological waste. It's actually composed of three shots I stitched in Photoshop. Could have probably done a better job at that, but heck, it's a cellphone shot.
The day picked up when I was at my friend Sivan's place and took photos of her cats. Cats are easy to shoot, almost too easy, but the lighting was extra good and the carpet really nice.
Sivan's cat and some of me
Then I want to lunch at my parents' place and took some photos of my new twin nieces.

So, basically, animals and babies, the easiest subject on Earth. At least I was shooting RAW and the photos looked extra good. Beware of continuous shooting though! It is really fast and doesn't slow whether you're using RAW or JPEG (at least with my 94MB/s Extreme Pro 32GB SanDisk card).
IMHO, unless you're shooting someone running or dancing, you should really choose the continuous Lo mode or be stuck with a lot of near identical photos of the same subject.
I am using Irfanview to filter through the RAW footage and delete the photos I'm not going to use. Sure, eventually all footage goes through Lightroom, but for the initial selection, this freeware is much faster saves me a bunch of time.The best way to do this is NOT to delete photos of the card, as sometimes you might regret hastily deleting a photo. You should copy the card's contents to your hard drive, then use ifranview for deletion, and then Add the photos using Lightroom. Don't forget to empty your Windows trashcan when you're through. You can also retrieve a photo deleted by mistake from the card.
I finished the day by going to yet another anti-war demonstration.
Video interviewer at the demonstration

Stop the occupation, siege and racism
This time I was using the 50mm 1.4 lens. Viewfinder was a little dark. As the manual says, you can brighten the viewfinder manually from the menu.
So, no video testing from now, but I seriously want to do a music video and some lengthy shooting with the A99 when shooting a play on Friday.

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