Monday, November 19, 2012

Naming and Dance

I name all my cameras.
My first SLR, being a Minolta was called Mina. Since then I had Sonja (A350), Sonja 2.0 (a580) and now, I'm going to call my new A99, Fefe, since it's a Full Frame camera. I briefly considered calling it "Slut" since it's my first SLT, but I seem to have more respect for it.
So this is what Windows explorer tells me about RAW files from the A99 are like from a technical perspective:

42 Bit depth? Seriously? How can this be? Something somewhere is off.
Spent an hour today shooting dance practice in Studio Naim on Salame st, where I practice Yoga, Pilates and Dance. Yes, I like doing all kinds of things.

The shot above was of course made with my brand new 20mm 2.8 Sony Lens. Can't stress how the new auto focus capabilities help when shooting dance, leaving me with a lot of focused shots to choose from.

Fun with mirrors

I am still working on my feature film, hoping to use crowd funding soon to fund, and will post link to it when that happens.

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